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Hi, I'm Ellen Chambers. I'm passionate about human potential. 

Photo: Becky Lee

My passion is supporting people to fulfil their potential, whatever that means to them, and the ripple effect that has on society and the world.

My expertise lies in supporting professional motor racers and dancers, using a combination of coaching and mentoring skills, when they transition into new careers on retirement. Read more.

Coaching is a conversation, so let’s start talking.

About Me

My Services.

One on one.

Career transition is a unique experience for everyone. I can help you identify new goals, overcome challenges and create a fulfilling new career by getting to know yourself and what you have to offer the world.


I work on a one-to-one basis in person, via phone or online to create a positive, nurturing space in which to think and move forward.


Individual coaching is particularly effective for:

  • Exploring and reaching your potential

  • Creating and managing change in your life

  • Career development, change or diversification

  • Leadership development

  • Strengthening and building relationships

  • Challenging and breaking repeat patterns

  • Increasing self-awareness, confidence and resilience

  • Increasing creativity

  • Improving focus and efficiency


Connecting with others is vital when we are feeling vulnerable, perhaps moving away from a community we have long been a part of, or feeling a lack of direction.


I create a safe and energising environment where participants can connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges, and inspire and support each other on their unique journeys.


Group workshops are particularly effective for:

  • Gaining inspiration and new thinking

  • Skills and knowledge sharing

  • Feeling connected to and supported by others

  • Building networks and communities with like-minded people

  • Improving communication

  • Prioritising and planning

  • Organisational and team development

Let's Talk
"I came away from my coaching session feeling energised and with a fresh perspective on some challenges I'd been grappling with for a while. The experience was both thought-provoking and motivational and I took away practical ideas about the next steps I need to take towards my goals. Couldn't recommend coaching with Ellen more highly."

Leanne Coker

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